Snowboarding today is literally an “EXTREME SPORT”; it’s true! The level of difficulty is a 9 out of 10 for most people. The reality is this, learning how to snowboard the traditional way is super hard which is why many people give up and walk away.

Why is TRADITIONAL snowboarding so difficult?

What’s the bottom line? Once you try traditional snowboarding out for yourself, you will find out the hard way that riding a snowboard is brutally difficult to do.

Look at the pyramid mountain below which shows a crowd of “potential” snowboarders who would love to snowboard IF there was just an easier way to do it. Now think about how few riders actually stick with it long enough to master the sport of snowboarding; it’s a super small %. As a snowboard innovator, we wanted to capture that huge market share that has always been slipping through the wide-open cracks in the snow. Our goal at Twister is to fill up all of the empty lift chairs out there and then keep them filled up with happy snowboard enthusiasts.

Twister reinvents entry and intermediate level snowboarding and turns it into a “MAINSTREAM SPORT” by keeping it simple and easy for anyone to learn. This means that countless millions of people who haven’t or can’t or won’t enter the extreme sport of snowboarding because of the high degree of difficulty, WILL now enter the sport of Twister snowboarding simply because it’s easy to ride a Twister. What does that translate into for the snowboard industry? It translates into not only millions more people worldwide entering the sport of snowboarding because it is the easiest way to learn how to ride a snowboard BUT, it also means millions of riders entering the sport of snowboarding will eventually progress their way into riding traditional snowboards in the conventional way. Twister will not only generate a HUGE NEW MARKET with new entry level riders who will purchase snowboard products and accessories BUT they will REMAIN IN THE SPORT of snowboarding, eventually buying traditional snowboards, accessories and apparel, well into the future.

The Twister is designed for beginners and intermediate riders, enabling them to slowly and steadily gain the skills and the confidence needed to then migrate onward and transition into conventional snowboarding. Twister allows riders to enter into the sport of snowboarding by riding flat on their snowboard and not by balancing on the outer edges of their snowboard. Simple logic to the systemic problem of growing the current sport of snowboarding well beyond where it is today.

We wanted riding a snowboard to be much easier than in the past so we created Twister!