OUR MISSION is to create, design and build innovative snowboard products that establishes NEW performance standards in the sport of snowboarding, making us a leader in producing the coolest new products on the market.

Invention pioneer IDEAilluminators.com, developed Twister Snowboards because we saw a HUGE need that no other company was filling. Those needs are:

The clarity in our vision and the inspiration in our final designs, is fundamental to everything Twister represents. Our products reflect endless hours over many years that were full of challenges and obstacles that we tenaciously overcame. Sketch after sketch, design innovation after design innovation, prototype after prototype, test run after test run. We created new, unique and improved ways to ride a snowboard, then combined cutting edge engineering techniques with the highest quality materials to manufacturing what will soon become, the hottest new sport to hit the cold snow slopes. We ran ourselves ragged in the engineering department and then again on the mountain to make sure we got Twister exactly right.

We developed the complete line of Twister Snowboard Products for a lot of reasons. Here are just a few of those reasons:
1) Our initial goal, was to provide an easier entry into the sport of snowboarding that would welcome countless millions of new riders to the sport. People who would have otherwise said snowboarding is too tough for me to learn or people who would have actually tried snowboarding out, only to end up walking away from the sport of snowboarding on day #1.
2) We wanted to remove the fear of falling from the heads of beginners and let them enjoy the process of learning how to snowboard by remaining flat on their feet for more than a second or two before doing a faceplant.
3) We wanted the beginner and intermediate level snowboarders to remain safe throughout the learning process, which is why we designed a safer method of snowboard by turning corners while remaining “flat” on the snow, where they can easily maintain their balance. We also designed a shear pin safety mechanism to allow the rudders to break free if someone were to hit a solid obstacle on the slopes. Our initiatives always include injury avoidance engineering.
4) We wanted the process of learning how to snowboard to be an easy and fun journey from riding the first beginner slope to riding every run on the mountain.
5) We wanted to take this sport to new heights, building upon all of the sports innovations that have come about since the Snurfer; the original snowboard made in 1965 by Sherman Poppen. We have now replaced his rope steering system with our revolutionary Twister technology. Go progress!!!