Kids can ride (flat on the ground) NO problem BUT as soon as they (tip onto an edge), look what happens…
Maintaining your ~balance~ is so easy when standing FLAT on the snow but as you tip the board toe-side or heel-side; overboard flail riding you go! That’s the secret in learning how to ride a Twister Snowboard, you make turns while remaining “flat” on the ground, not flat on your butt after trying to balance on thesnowboard’s edges.
Because learning how to do something by taking a series of small simple steps, is a much easier approach to learning. Twister does just that by letting you turn “flat” corners The Easy Way, when riding down a cruiser run; not The Hard Way by carving corners by balancing on the board’s edges like a professional acrobat or gymnast.
And more good news is, regardless of whether you are
a grommet or an oldster, you are never too old to
start learning how to do things the easy way…
Why should new snowboarders start off using the TWISTER snowboard system?
For a whole lot of reasons…here is why!

In summary, the 2 QUESTIONS to ask yourself are…